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  • Ethiopia Breaks Cup of Excellence Record for Coffee Submissions

    By Feb 25, 2020 5:37 PM

    With a more than 20-year history and annual competitions throughout Latin America and Africa, this is the first time the Cup of Excellence is being conducted in Ethiopia, arabica coffee’s genetic birthplace and a coffee country prized by buyers for its remarkable coffee diversity and quality.Thursday, Feb. 6, marked the official opening of the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition center, including a warehouse and cupping lab, in Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa, while the program there has involved an ongoing partnership between CoE organizer the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, and the USAID Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity.

  • Colombia Bets on Farmers with $64 Million Coffee Price Stabilization Fund

    By Feb 21, 2020 10:42 AM

    As of this writing, the ICE futures base price for May contracts (a.k.a. the “C price” or commodity price), was a paltry $1.06 per pound for arabica coffee. Colombian coffee leaders have explored setting a base price of as much as $1.40 or $1.50 per pound in order to try to help farmers meet or exceed costs of production, which typically have risen as prices have declined. Colombia, which has provided a leading voice among its traditional coffee-producing peers during the price crisis, first established the mechanism for the price stabilization fund last July. While the very concept of a price stabilization fund tends to rankle free-market purists, some leading voices from around the coffee sector have called for such mechanisms.

  • Intelligentsia Holds Smallholder-Supportive ECWx Events in Honduras and Guatemala

    By Feb 20, 2020 12:43 PM

    Despite all its growth over the years, Chicago-based Intelligentsia Coffee, at its sourcing core, has maintained a steadfast commitment to promoting quality and sustainable long-term relationships with coffee farmers. That commitment is evident in the company’s recent social impact coffee event series ECWx, which first launched in Colombia in 2018 and took place this past December and January in Honduras and Guatemala, respectively.

  • Cotton yarn spinners may face 200-400bps margin squeeze: CRISIL Report

    By Dec 27, 2019 11:03 AM

    The operating margin of domestic cotton yarn spinners is expected to shrink by 2-4 percentage points in the 2020 fiscal following higher domestic cotton prices and a sharp fall in exports, according to a report.

Spot Prices
Cotton: Maharashtra (22/Jan 10:43 AM)

AGD (BB/29M) 42,800 100 0.23 %
Akola (Fardar/25/27M) 0 0 100.00 %
NGP (MECH-1/28M) 0 0 100.00 %
NGP (MECH-1/29M) 43,700 200 0.46 %
Yarn: Punjab (13/Jan 08:29 PM)

Ludhiana(20S Comb(Wrap)) 215 0 0.00 %
Future Prices (22/Jan 10:41 AM)
ICE Cotton No.2 (USC/LB)
Mar 01, 2021 82.52 0.06 0.07 %
May 31, 2021 83.47 0.12 0.14 %
Jul 31, 2021 84.29 0.20 0.24 %
ZCE (Yuan/Ton)
Jan 31, 2021 15,180.00 10.00 0.07 %
Mar 31, 2021 15,250.00 15.00 0.10 %
May 31, 2021 15,285.00 25.00 0.16 %
Exchange Rates (22/Jan 10:42 AM)
1 US $ = Rs 73.01
0.05 0.07%
1 UK £ = Rs 100.08
0.26 0.26%
1 Eur € = Rs 88.86
0.38 0.43%
100 ¥en = Rs 70.50
-0.08 -0.11%
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